Date of holding the workshop: March 27th 2019 | Duration: 16:00-20:00 |
Place: Udruženje obrtnika Rijeka Vukovarska 21, Rijeka

Proper translations of Croatian laws and other legal texts in English show that the problems appear precisely in legal terms. For example, does društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću really translate as “limited liability company”, and dioničko društvo as “joint stock company”? Does pretpostavke pobijanja correspond to “presumptions of contestation”? What is “disposal”, and what is “disposition”? Does pravni lijek correspond to “legal remedy”, and “material fact” to materijalna činjenica? How do we say subjektivno pravo in English?

We will analyse a number of legal terms (depending on the time we have) starting with incorrect equivalents, offering the correct ones and – last, but not least – presenting a theoretical foundation whose knowledge will ensure that we do not make certain mistakes in the future. For instance, we will talk about the four types of legal facts and about the influence of time on legal relationships.

We will familiarise ourselves with the types of legislation, judicial decisions and companies – and, of course, with their equivalents in English.

In the wish to answer to your concrete questions, the lecturer invites you to send her in advance any particular terminological doubts you may have in your translating practice at and to do so freely and with no introduction (it is sufficient to name the problematic legal term).

About the lecturer:

Ivana Bendow, professor of English and Italian, is the author of two dictionaries of idioms and phrases published by Školska knjiga. She has been studying law for the last 10 years and is writing a Croatian-English collocations dictionary of law. She taught legal English to judges and lawyers under the TEMPUS programme in Zagreb, to chief crown prosecutors in USKOK and DORH, to judges and chief crown prosecutors from five EU country members under two programmes of the Judicial Academy, and she held three workshops in legal terminology to translators under the programme of the translation agency Integra d.o.o. from Zagreb. She is regularly writing an article in the column “Kolokacija u jeziku prava” (“Collocation in legal language”) for the journal of the Croatian Bar Association “Odvjetnik” (“Lawyer”), available online. She is translating legal texts into English (judicial decisions of Croatian courts, lawyers’ petitions, professional papers).

Price of the workshop:

100 kn for members of STIP Association

300 kn for others

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