We gather qualified translators and interpreters, encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration among the members and improve the quality of translation and interpreting services.


Gain new knowledge, attract new clients

About us

The Association of Court Interpreters and Translators – Rijeka branch (STIP Rijeka) was conceived by a small group of translators with the aim of providing for education and networking of translators in the region of Kvarner and Istria. This idea has been well received by many translators and interpreters and our membership has increased to more than 50 professionals providing services for 15 languages. Our translators and interpreters specialize in all major industries, from tourism, art, education, science, medicine, pharmacy, law, economy, finances, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, shipbuilding, international relations…

STIP Association regularly organizes consultations, lectures, seminars, conferences, round tables and symposia focusing on issues and specific features of translation practice.
The Association STIP provides training for Court interpreters approved by the Ministry of Justice.
  • Cooperation – Our members share their experiences daily, give support to each other and recommend each other to clients.
  • Visibility – STIP Association is in continual contact with potential clients, providing them with information about the quality of translation services and encouraging them to cooperate with the Association members.
  • Credibility – Our members are carefully screened expert translators with years of work experience, a fact recognized and appreciated by our target market. If you are a student, you can also become a member and thus gain new experiences and knowledge through training sessions and conversations with seasoned translators.
  • Education – The STIP Association regularly organizes workshops for translators and training courses for court interpreters as well as various events in order to facilitate the networking of its members.
  • Public Presence – We actively follow amendments in legislation and contribute with our suggestions and comments on regulations and bills in the making.


We believe it is of utmost importance to encourage and coach young professionals. The Association thus organizes public lectures and presents its activities at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka, in attempt to familiarize the students with the work of translators and inform them about the qualities and skills that a successful translator should possess in order to get ahead in business circles. We participated in an advisory capacity in the process of launching the graduate course of translation and we plan to continue our cooperation with the Faculty. We invite our student members to participate in the activities of the Association and advance their know-how and skills through the interaction with more experienced colleagues.

The Association actively takes part in submitting proposals and giving comments on amendments in legislation concerning translators and court interpreters. STIP is also a member of the Translators and Interpreters Interest Group (an organization counting 250 members) of the Croatian Chamber of Economy. The STIP members are regularly informed about the activities of the Council, especially about issues related to regulation of the profession in the existing legislation.


Besides numerous private and professional commitments, the Association members are actively involved in charity work, which makes us truly proud. 

The Statute of the Association can be found here.  

The Code of Ethics of the Association can be found here.

A place of growth and support

STIP Association is a place of growth and support. Translation issues and doubts get solved, linguistic solutions and useful information are shared on a daily basis. Also, translation assignments are often shared among members within the on-line groups. Topics of trainings and seminars organized by the Association are highly interesting, practical and at really affordable prices. Long story short – highly recommended.

Nina Kapel

A positive and inspiring group!

I have been a member of STIP Association for a year and a half and I am very happy with the activities of the association and of its members. I am mostly referring to useful workshops, the accessibility of information and an excellent collaboration among members. An extremely young, positive and inspiring group!

Mirena Čalmić, Chinese, Italian and English language translator


Professionality is the best word that describes STIP Association and its members. Professionality is not only needed for the work of translators, court interpreters and proofreaders, but it is also essential in organizing and planning education and trainings for us, members. I am happy to be part of this community and for the fact that we progress together, offering our clients a high quality service, thanks to unity, support, selfless assistance and investment in professional knowledge.

Marijeta Matijaš, Croatian language and literature teacher and proofreader

Governing board of the association

Maja Lazarević Branišelj

Katja Anić

Nicoletta Balija 

Rafaela Milat 

Lidija Toman
Member of the governing board

Mirena Čalmić
Member of the governing board

Davor Ružić
Member of the governing board

Founders of the association

Maja Lazarević Branišelj

Jelena Basta Vidić

Nicoletta Balija 

Katarina Blažina

Iva Gašparac Lenac

Katja Anić

Rafaela Milat 

Lidija Toman

Mihaela Užar