The current Coronavirus epidemic resulted in many business activities being closed, but our members are active, highly educated and licensed for distance interpreting.

Our interpreters have completed the training session for using the platform for distance interpreting and have become licensed KUDO interpreters on an international level. KUDO platform offers the possibility of holding online multilingual meetings, whether it is a one-on-one meeting or a bigger event, for example a conference with a large number of different languages and participants from all over the world. It is possible to adapt the distance simultaneous interpreting services to different needs, such as video meetings with business partners, project group meetings, round tables, educations for employers and representatives in other countries, working group meetings, coordination of European projects, or a presentation of your products to clients from around the world.

Who can benefit from holding an online meeting with distance interpreting?

KUDO platform and licensed distance interpreters can be of special interest to the public administration, state authority, counties, ministries and development agencies who will play a key role in encouraging business during this challenging time.

All the jobs that before had to be done by exclusively travelling from one country to another can be done today from a distance and in a safe way. KUDO platform is currently offering great flexibility when organising meetings with simultaneous interpreters and is doing so according to the highest standards, with all options offered by a standard interpreting booth. Expenses of renting a hall, equipment, catering, travel and accommodation are minimum or there almost aren’t any, since the interpreters are working remotely and it is not essential for the participants to be physically at the same place.

The current situation should not stop anyone from achieving their goals – with the help of modern technological solutions, everyone can be ready for an active return to the economic scene and continue with investing in their business, conducting activities and attracting new clients, even in these circumstances.

The fact that KUDO platform was recognised by major international organisations such as NASA, UN Security Council, World Bank or the Allianz International company speaks about its importance and value.